Flush: Red Light, Green Light

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A work in progress and collection of personal poetry that I hope is relatable and a quick read. Each chapter is dedicated to a certain subject (Ex: Brother) An Obligation to Love If you will love me And show that you do, I will show great gratitude, But I will not let you feel an obligation to love. I will not let you accept me as your burden to bear. If you truly love me, And show that you do, I will show great gratitude And only gratitude. For I am not obligated to show love for someone I do not. The obligation my partner felt has brought me to tears, Yet I still crave the taste of his tongue between my lips. What a quagmire I face! Your lust is as strong as mine And your love has become just as weak. This deadly sin we've shared happily, And 'tis true our happiness only lasted seconds comparable to a lifetime, But those seconds we could control. Oh, what a quagmire we face!

Poetry / Other
Sarah Luongo
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