Natural Cravings

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A peek inside every region of my mind, just for all of you to know who I am where you may find out that we could have many things in common. Who knows? You know the button to press to find out.

Poetry / Drama
Jared Nera
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Have you?

Have you ever read a poem,
Not just read, but really read,
Only to realize how much power
These words hold over you?

Well, I have
And I found myself blown
Away by the power they evoke.

If a passive read is enough
To grip tight into my feelings,
Then a thorough read will
Blow away body parts.

Never underestimate
A poem's power,
For failure to do
So will be your downfall.

By realizing a poem's power,
You could capture it,
And utilize it
To your own ends
By claiming the hearts of millions.

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