Earth Upon Earth

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...the Sahara across the surface of my hand

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Chapter 1

The poet and her muse, muse wildly

Along silly chords, her silly body

With breathing pores and sensuality

For the sake of our little lives

That gets wrung out of breath eventually

I want alcohol and lust!

I want sobriety and trust!

I want to fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

I want to be fetal in the womb

And know nothing of flesh

These seismic depths love me

A polar dance, a magnet waltz

One weak link and I'd rip apart

My guts would burst out like

Wet Mardi Gras confetti!

Oh madness it would be!

A filagree of bile and sinew!

Torching up the sky for miles

And my beating heart an orchestra

Filling up minds like fishbowls

I want the Sahara across the surface of my hand

I want to take the Great Ocean to battle

With sheets of Earth as my falchion and mace

I would grapple the seas and ravage its twists

It would be bliss! Bliss to do this!

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