The Walk of The Faithless

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Read it. It is a short thought that paints a picture.

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The Road and The Path

Picture this:

You are walking a path, there are no signs, no way-stops, simply an asphalt road with not a mark on it. This is the path of the lost; those who walk the path many have taken and the path set before them by their mother, their brother, their sister, their father, their friend, their enemy. There are many ways to walk this path and many to keep you company. Those that follow, those that lead, those that stay behind and those that press ahead, those who walk alone, and those who walk together, all down this same path. Where this leads none wish to imagine for if they do, fear will set into their hearts and their insanity, their denial, their autonomy, will be revealed and be taken from them. They will finally see over the horizon, they will notice the danger before them. This danger that can be completely avoided; but with a price. Their soul. But this is not a price that one can pay, they can only ask to have it paid for them.

They are the masters of their own souls, the owners, and they will never release it. But it can be taken, it can be expunged from the records. Their master’s will, their own will, their instinct is to walk the simpler path, the one most traveled and paved for them by their forefathers. The only way off the path is to ask for another to become your master. There are tears in the seamless path that lead away, that lead to dangers and difficulty where one spends time both crossing the path and away from it. There are slaves that cross this path each guided and owned by the same person who shows them the untraveled path and how to face it. He will push you if you let Him but He will never take you beyond His reach. On the road less traveled you simply must follow it and listen to His commands for you.

On the path you must discover your own way to walk it. To put it simply, the path of the lost is one of constant anguish that there is no full reprieve for, one that you must constantly think on, one that you must navigate alone, for there is only one path and one does not need a guide to follow the path with no turns, nor signs, nor maps. The road less traveled is one where you must rely on another who knows it and has walked it before. A road that winds and turns that has countless signs and markings that would bring despair to those who have not tread it. This road has a guide, a map and a goal, each of which you will never be without.

Have you ever met yourself? Have you ever seen the darkness and the light? How far will you trust yourself on the path? What gain is there on this path of one way, where all must find their own way to walk it, lest it be simply a parade of the damned? What if you let another lead you onto a new way, a road of infinite complexity? A road that only has one way to walk it and infinite ways to turn and infinite routes to take? Will you take the path you know leads to death? Or will you take a road that you don’t know, but with one who does and will guide you down it and show you an end you could never guess and a scenery that will take your breath away?

Jeremiah 29:13 | John 14:6

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