I am Grass

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Have you considered there may be one plant that can encompass the entire world? Consider this poetry.

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I Am Grass

I am Grass

By Marilyn Kortemeier

I am Grass

I am the life that spans the globe.

From the steppes of Russia

To the veld of Africa

From the pampas of South America

To the prairies of North America

I am Grass

I am a seed in one place

A sprouting plant in another

A growing blade in another

The blooming and seed making grass in another

The withering dried grass in another

Burning into ash and smoke in another

I am Grass

I am the life from which so many others spring

I am the food for antelope

And for deer and for buffalo

And for many others

And through them for those that eat them.

I am the source of food that supports the others

I am happy to cover the earth

I am happy to have the sun rise and set

On me at the same time.

I am happy to be hot and cold at the same time

To have winter and summer together.

I am happy to be the food of all

I am Grass

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