A Darker Collection

By Browniesarethebest All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Horror

Princess Marjorie

There once was a princess named Marjorie,

Who danced and played on her land.

It’s quite interesting, her story

As she lost her left foot and hand.

Marjorie was dancing along the ground

When she came upon a witch.

This witch was old, wrinkly, and round

And was covered in a cloak loosely stitched.

Marjorie turned and made to run,

But the witch was oh so fast

She grabbed her hair, made up in a bun,

Yanked it, and the spell was cast.

Marjorie sobbed, cried, and yelled,

But none of this seemed to phase her.

The witch was strong and her grip held

As the spell made to enter.

Pain flared inside the poor girl

As her left foot and hand fell with a thump.

Marjorie gasped and made to hurl

As she stared at her hand, which was only a stump.

There once was a princess named Marjorie,

Who sat and cried all day.

It’s quite interesting, her story

As she would never again dance and play.

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