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Welcome inside the world of mermaids! A fantasy poetry collection taking you inside the world of mermaids. Poems will reflect different themes of romance, suspense, adventure, and fantasy.

Poetry / Fantasy
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Mermaid Discovers Her Beauty

Coming to the sea glass mirror,

she draws in a deep breath.

Never before had she seen herself,

a lifelong mystery to be unraveled.

Opening her eyes, she gazes into the reflection,

seeing a pair of wideset, sapphire pools stare back.

Her pupils dilate, she leans closer towards herself.

Her skin is smooth, the hue of lilacs.

Cheekbones high, brows arched, lips full.

The rosebud mouth curves into an appreciative smile.

Delicate hands comb through her thick, orchid tresses.

Waves and curls abound, wild and free.

She traces her hands down her chest,

swelling with each nervous breath.

Teal, sparkling sea shells cover her,

as well as a waist length curtain of hair.

Her waist curves in while her hips curve out.

She is all soft, swooping arches.

Twisting and twining over her torso, up her arms,

are metallic tattoos, marking her lineage and family.

Her tail sweeps into view, ending with an arch of two flippers.

Shimmering scales, lavender one angle, periwinkle the next,

tracing a layered path down to the flippers,

iridescent and thin skinned, fluttering in the sea.

A melodic sigh escapes her lips.

She has never seen anything so wondrous, so beautiful.

Drawing closed the curtain across the mirror,

she clasps a hand across her heart and glows.

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