Come and Save

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If You're there, why won't you come and save me?

Poetry / Drama
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Come and Save

Happiness is so far away;

It's just too much for me to take.

God, why won't you come and save?

Why are you leaving me this way?

I'm falling, floundering;

There's change all around me.

God, why won't you come rescue me

If You're the one that I need?

Put me on Your solid rock;

Make me one of Your flock.

Don't leave me this way;

Jesus, come and save.

I know there's so much more

Worth fighting for,

And I'm just one girl

In my little world

Fighting my own war,

But I can't do this alone anymore.

Jesus, come and save.

In my own world,

In my own war,

But I don't know what I'm fighting for,

So I'm falling apart anyway.

Jesus, come and save.

I want to believe that when it breaks, it heals back stronger,

But, God, I can't do this on my own any longer.

Jesus has spoken,

Chains have been broken,

I'm standing here with arms wide open,

But You walk the other way.

You're leaving me this way,

And it's more than I can take.

Jesus, come and save.

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