What Do You Think of When You Pray

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This is to encourage people to think when they pray and mean the words they say. One day I decided to think of the words I was saying in a prayer as I said them. My prayer was answered in the most powerful way possible. I believe this can happen to all people every time we truly think of the words we say when we say them.

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Chapter 1

What do you think of when you pray?

Do you think of the prayer?

Do you think of the words?

What words do you think of?

Do you think of The Lord’s Prayer

The one that starts ‘Our Father’?

Do you think what those words mean, whose father?

Do you think your father? In a way and more.

Do you think your brothers and sisters father?

Do you think your next door neighbor’s father?

Do you think the father of the people who live across the street?

Do you think the father of the people who live around the corner?

Do you think of the people who live across the country?

Do you think the people who live around the world?

Yes, all of that an even more.

Do you think the father of the people who have died?

Do you think the father of the angels in heaven?

Do you think the father of the saints in heaven?

Yes, all of that.

What do you think when you pray?

Do you think ‘which art in heaven’?

Yes, which makes it different from your earthly father.

A good man he may be,

But the father of all those things he is not.

Do you think of the words, ‘hallowed by Thy name’?

If even His name is holy, who holy is the rest of Him.

How holy is His heart, which loves us, so?

How holy are His hands, which made all we know?

How holy is His head, which contains all wisdom?

Do you think of the words, ‘Thy kingdom come,’ ?

Do you pray for that to happen, and then wonder at the changes that are happening now?

Do you think of the words, ‘Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven’.

Do you do his will. He has ways of letting you know.

How much happiness will be yours when you do his will. You will never be able to measure.

Do you think of the words, ‘give us this day our daily bread’ ?

Do you want more than that? But that is what you prayed for.

Do you feel entitled to more than that?

Then you must take some away from other people.

No wonder children starve.

Do you think of the words, ‘forgive us our trespasses’?

Do you know what that means now?

It means things that you have done that have hurt other people.

Do you think you have never hurt other people?

Almost certainly you have from time to time.

Do you think of the words, ‘…as we forgive others.’ ?

Do you know what that means?

It means God should forgive you in the same way you forgave someone else.

So if you have anything against anyone, maybe you should forgive him/her

Before you expect God to forgive you.

Do you think of the words, ‘Lead us not into temptation,’ ?

What do you think that means?

Does it mean that the last time you gave in to any temptation

It was not God who made you do it.

Is it time to stop blaming God because he did not make you do it?

Do you think of the words, ‘deliver us from all evil.’

Do you truly thank Him that He does so.

If He has not done so, was there something that you needed to do to help that you have not done?

Or do you find those things strangely attractive? Then look beyond the moment and see.

Do you think of the words, ‘for Thine is the kingdom,’ ?

Do you understand what that means?

Do you understand that the kingdom is heaven.

Do you know that is the place where our loving God lives forever.

Do you understand he will love us there forever?

Do you think of the words, ‘and the power’?

Do you understand that it was this power which created the world,

And the universe

And all that we see and know?

Do you think of the words, ‘and the glory, forever and ever.’

Do you know that means that God has more glory then any man or woman can have

And live to tell of it.

What do you think of when you say a prayer.

What do you consider?

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