What Do You Think of When You Pray

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Chapter 2

Hail, Mary

What do you think of when you pray “Hail, Mary”

Do you see Mary next to you? So close to you that you could reach out easily and tap her on the shoulder?

Do you see the young girl, 15 or 16 years of age, who had the courage to say yes to God?

Do you see the mother with a young son; raising him, teaching him?

Do you see the widow, a woman well acquainted with grief. She lost her husband and her son in such a short period of time.

Do you see the old woman living in the house of another, being cared for by him and his family

“…full of grace.” Do you see that.

Does it shine forth from her eyes in a special way?

Or does it exude from the whole of her, shining out like a golden aura, all around her.

“The Lord is with you.” Do you see him?

Is he the babe in her arms?

Is he the child standing next to her?

Or a young man by her side that she turns to all the time?

Does he see you? He never turns his back.

“Blessed are you among women.” Do you bless her?

It is not much of a blessing. But it maters to her.

She accepts it always. Does it make her smile, just a bit?

Does she accept it as a mother accepts a gift of weed blossoms from her child?

“…and blessed is the Fruit of your Womb, Jesus.” Do you see Him there too, the newborn infant, the child, or the young man.

“Holy Mary,” Again, who do you see?

Is it the same woman that you saw in the beginning?

Or is it the Mary who was assumed into heaven?

Is it the Mary who sits in glory near the throne of God and near the throne of her son?

“,,,mother of God.” Do you see him there?

The devoted son when the son and the Father were one and the same?

Is he listening to her, and to you? He always does, you know.

“Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.”

Did she do it? Did you hear her voice? She always does it.

If you did not hear it, it might be that you were not listening.

Were you in a quiet place? Meditating carefully? Listening carefully for her voice? She has a very gentle voice, like a gentle mother so often does.

And she does not pray for sinners in general. She prays for you specifically. She knows your name, her Son told her.

She prays that you will defeat your demons here, in this life.

Do you know that she will be there when you die? She is looking forward to it.

She will be there, and she will greet you.

She will greet you like a mother greets her child when he comes home from school, when he comes home from work, when he comes home from his travels, when he returns to her again.

...Amen.” So be it. So it is, and so it will be.

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