The Invisible Girl- (Poem)

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This poem is about bullying. I had an assignment for my Theory and Practice of SW course and the topic was based on bullying. I have decided to write this poem for the assignment. The poem shows how bullying can have a great negative impact on an individual's life and we don't know what they go through on a daily basis. So we must treat everyone with love, appreciation and kindness.

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Chapter 1



I'm begging you.

Just listen to me.

I'm all alone with no one to hold me and tell me that it's gonna be okay.

I'm like a sitting duck, always being picked on, made fun of and laughed at.

I'm sick of it, I'm sick of life. I'm sick of always being the victim when I haven't done anything to deserve all this abuse. It's frustrating.

At night when I'm all alone, I crawl up in a corner and cry. I shed theses silent tears in agony, hoping that someone would hear me, but they don't.

I guess that this is my sad reality and I'm truly alone. Forsaken and abandoned, by everyone that I care about. I mean that's how I feel, isolated and frustrated.

I should end it, I should end it now. They keep telling me that I'm a loser and a dummy. At school, when no ones looking, they push me on the floor and kick me on my tummy.

I'm going to end it, so just give me a knife. So I will not have to live this pathetic weak life. Goodbye world no more sorrow. For when the sun rises, there'll be no more tomorrow.

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