Share The Holidays

By Laraine Smith All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Children


How can we "share the holidays?"

Chapter 1

Spend time with your friends.

Wear sweaters and your scarfs.

Share the holidays.

Goodies for Christmas,

I can never resist them.

They are delicious.

Let’s play some music.

Celebrate on New Year’s Eve.

Play some rock and roll.

I love Christmas trees.

They reach up to the ceiling.

The ornaments shine.

The snow is falling.

Christmas music is playing.

Dance to the music.

The jazz music plays.

There are gingerbread houses.

Snowflakes are falling.

I love Christmas dogs.

They can bring friends together,

And they give kisses.

I love Christmastime.

It is time for dancing shows.

Wear your dancing shoes.

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