In My Feelings

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If you love poetry that comes from a persons heart. Then this is the book for you, a bit of poetry that I hope everyone can relate to.

Poetry / Romance
Annaerb Jones
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Fortunate for you. Fortunate for this evening and all of the beautiful feelings you give me. Fortunate to be held, and softly kissed.I love nothing more than being next to you.Fortunate just to be with you.I need you in my world.You make me see everything, no one else will show me.Pure joy from my soul.I feel real love in my heart.I am fortunate for you.My one and only.Love from me like this,will not be given to anyone else.

Seven day days.When do I hear from you?Seven days have gone by, I`ve heard nothing from you.Are you still mine?Could you be shacking with someone new?I am curious to know.My mood is blue already whenever you are gone.At the moment my mood is the color white from shock of being shut out.Not knowing what is going on between us.Am I special or Nah?Seven days….That is a lot of time,I am feeling stupid for even waiting.Let seven more days go by ...

Me…This is ME!Who I am!Do not judge me, because I do not care….The things god have taken me through, has made me stronger.I fuel the better in me, the woman that is too good for you. The woman that does not need you.I`ll miss you.But being taunted by someone you love, is just fucking ridiculous. I am always wrong, you are always right. I am never good enough for you,No matter what I do or change about myself.That is oh so fine though,I will let it all go, along with you and everybody else that has left me. Leaving me with all the heart ache and pain. I am done letting men suck everything out of me.I never intended to lose myself, from everything I let push me down inside this hole. I need to be in my own skin again, loving myself and who I really am.Never will I forget again.My point...Walls were built.You tore every one of mine down.Sometimes you see more of me, than what I intend to show you. Somehow you still love me and my ugliness. I love you to….But why?Why is it that some days I feel shut out, as if your thoughts are many second guesses and regrets? I wonder if you`d tell me, you know that would instantly shred me.I am too emotional I know, but it is the only way I know how to get my point across.

Never stop whispering those sweet nothings to me. Don`t ever tell me you no longer admire my beauty. Things change but we don`t have to.Nothing will destruct what is between us. Like a magnet, I`ll always gravitate towards you, my world is you, everything I do and breathe.It comes from the love we toss back and forth. Keeping me needing you for my selfish reasons.

Love Faces...I want love faces,But not from sex.Love faces that tell each other, no matter what you do or say.I will love you, I will never leave.I want love faces that express how lost I am without you,Love faces that won`t resent you for your mistakes. I need you to be with me,I want love faces that mean for eternity, you are mine.I need those love faces, that mean you will never touch or say sweet things like so to another. I want that love that never stops, doesn’t leave me alone, or tally up my flaws.

Ex`s...Funny how countless time passed by when we broke up. I met people, as I am sure you did. None of them gave either of us what we give to one another.When I saw you for the first time again, my mind was filled with of our old memories again. My soul was free from misery and my heart flooded with love all over.I kissed your soft lips, as you gripped my hips and pulled me close. I missed you so I showed it. Led you inside my room and laid you down,That I missed you sex is always amazing.

Sex crazed days…Tie me up cause I can`t get enough.Then again…Some bondage sounds good too.I love how you dick me.It feels so good when you smack me on the ass, while you’re vigorously choking me. I`m shaking going crazy, busting nuts all over your cock.My favorite part each time, is when you shove it down my throat.That`s fucking right!Make me gurgle your dick,Fill me up with cum I want every drop of it.

I am insecure and I know it....Shit I show it.Not on purpose though it just happens. I am sorry for all the pain and heart ache I have caused you.If you feel we should not be then okay, I will let you go.I know I will not die but I promise to never love another.Or give anyone any piece of me.The tree of love inside me has been withering for years, A break up with you just might be enough to kill it.

Burning Desire...It`s funny how someone can really start a burning fire inside of you for them.When you really feel like you love someone, it just goes on and on never stopping....You want to be with them on every level that they allow you.Genuinely being happy with someone, every emotion you feel is solely from their energy.Feeling love is a special feeling.It can be the worst thing or the best thing you have ever experience.Love is hell just as much as it is heaven. You get all the good with the bad when you love someone.Even when they have hurt you to the core of your heart. That fire burning inside of you just won’t go out.You love that person....From the bottom of the barrel, that they sometimes throw you in.Unconditional love never changes on any occasion.

To see my first born live I would have died…It hurts the most because I am alive,I should`ve died.My first born was a life I carried and failed…I failed at giving him a chance to live….If I could trade places,He would have my life to live.I love him just that much.

About The author: Who is AnnAerB

I am a Floridian girl, writing has always been my passion, I just can not stop doing it. Poetry and short stories have always been my thing. I get into my feelings and think about my life experiences. Then I just let it all go on paper. These poems really came from my heart and desires. I hope you enjoyed reading my words, did you feel the same feelings that was poured into it? Please follow me on WordPress and Twitter @InsecureBre

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