The Freedom of Forgiveness

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Have you ever had something so terrible happen to you that it effected the rest of your life? To move on and be more yourself again you must forgive. This is about two people, one of them myself, who had to forgive. It is about the experience we shared when that happened. If you are ever brave enough to forgive, it is my fervent prayer that it is your experience too.

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Chapter 1

I saw a video today

A woman made it, who had been experimented on

By Dr. Mengele

That horrible man, that horrible situation.

She talked about what happened then,

About the experiments.

She and her twin sister went through such terrible things,

From the day they got there until the camp was liberated.

And after that.

They grew to adulthood, got married and had children.

In the camp their parents were dead the first day.

After the camp the sister got sick.

Each time she conceived she almost died.

She gave her sister a kidney. It helped a little

Then it didn’t.

The sister died.

The woman met a doctor who had worked at the camp.

He worked the gas chamber, making sure the people were dead.

She met him, asked him questions.

He answered all he could.

Then she thought, I’ll write him a letter.

I’ll forgive him.

She thought of how he would feel.

What she didn’t think of was how she would feel.

She said she was free, she was light and airy.

I remember two girls tried to make my life miserable

At a very stressful time in my life.

It did them no good, but they tried.

I remember how I felt

On the day I forgave them.

The sun was shining that day, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

But suddenly the day was even brighter than humanly possible.

You never expect it,

But there is a freeing power to forgiving.

It’s like you were enslaved,

And the slaves are free again.

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