You Can Fight This

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have you ever wondered what it actually feels like to feel real happiness from within, have you ever felt like you were drowning and wanting the air we breathe yet you feel trapped,​

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Alexis Walkins
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Chapter 1

stage one: the calm before the storm

the shaking as I first dealt with anxiety, it was the smallest things that tick through my skin, feeling like a pin is jabbing into your skin, having anxiety you feel like a balloon every air that hits inside of you, you become very anxious about being popped, after knowing I had anxiety at the age of thirteen I never knew how difficult to do certain tasks or activities, like once im feeling good or have this huge confidence while out in public being with my friends I instantly feel worried or scared, see that’s how the mind wants you to think , you have to control the way the brain works you see I struggled with anxiety for five years having edge to my seat panick to I feel like today won’t go as I want to panick to I feel beautiful one day then the next I overthink to myself towards how my self-image is supposed to look to please society , yet the whole point is that it can be like a fire cracker we get so raddled up into something we think is gonna happen which will not be going to happen, I wish I would have known this at the age of 13 . Anxiety isn’t like that cute shy kind of thing like we see in certain tv shows or movies that make it seem like it’s a cute thin or a trend or something trust me that’s very cringy, anxiety is waking up at 2 am with something on your mind that’s probably won’t happen (which we tell ourselves each day ) then our minds keeps you up super late you get tired in the morning , anxiety is like trying to smile when you know your world is crumbling down , anxiety is like a toxic best friend that wants you to know it will be okay yet they stab you right in the back anxiety is the calm before the storm . darkness coming across the light sky which is the smile on the surface on your beautiful cheeks to having an avalanche crumbling down your fingertips having a good feeling about one huge thing yet feeling insecure about something so tiny like an ant watching our huge foot hit the pavement worried that everything will end in a second and then *poof* nothing happens, to fight anxiety it’s not easy yet you can still fight it you have to let yourself know that anxiety is afraid of you and your not afraid of it because my darling you are the one that is winning embrace yourself out of the darkness that anxiety pulls you into set yourself free . how I help myself out of that funk I did some great breathing and thinking mantra-like

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Hello, I looked around the site well.
Please come and visit our site if you want something awesome. P>

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Hello, I looked around the site well.
Please come and visit our site if you want something awesome. P>

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