I Can Now Repose

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What happens when Marcus "reposes?"

Poetry / Romance
Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

The distant mountains,

They are reaching to the sky.

Small lights are golden.

Waters are sky-blue,

And the day is soon to close.

There is greenery.

For a short time,

I need to rest,

And be at ease.

There are no troubles.

Things are finally peaceful.

My stress has melted.

I can now repose.

Life will turn out for the best.

I can fall asleep.

When I fall asleep,

I can see stars twinkle.

There is a ballerina.

It is my wife Natalie.

I see the stars glitter.

Everything brings tears of joy to my eyes.

The two of us dance together.

We ride together on my motorcycle.

Neither of us want to tell one another goodbye.

Then the sun comes up.

We hold one another’s hands and spin around with laughter,

And we walk slowly together hand in hand.

We dance together once again with your feet on mine.

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