Poem at Sight

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Poems to express what you feel in words

Saloni Mundra
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Chapter 1

Not Anymore

Not really sad

But have got it very bad!

‘Decision’, was suppose to be correct,

Now, don’t know which direction it went.

Doesn’t really hurt anyone,

Just I am still stuck,

Flabbergasted and thunderstruck,

Where I was all this time before!

You were not going to forever wait,

But shouldn’t it have taken some time to date?

Can’t really say I am happy

Still all the parts of past remain crappy!

We are naturally moving on,

Then why a part is missing of my own?

The doors which were easily open,

Bricks were shattered and broken,

Left everything beyond repair,

Feels like I can never lessen the gap!

Have already lost all the rights,

To ask you to wait for blue lights,

Cause in this absolute darkness,

Can’t ask anymore the moon for brightness!

Just acceptance of all shades,

Of things remaining unsaid.

Now all I am left with is reminisce-

Of what we had and what we lost.

All I wish for me to see….

You happy and without my past to ghost.

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