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Poem at Sight

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I don’t know how to hold,

Like the desires unfold,

For some its left or right,

And for some, Oh! just write.

I don’t understand whether to stand,

Or take a bow and bend.

A fool who upholds wine,

Stands in the sunshine,

Dreams till the sunrise.

Alas! reality is all for wise.

A prankster’s all about tricks,

Life is all through thin and thicks.

A forest of many obstacles,

Eyes that dreams with spectacles!

I thunder to be a wonder

But it turns out all a blunder!

So when you are all alone,

Uber a cab to opposite zone.

A little of that zip and zap

Your feet’s making a rhythm of tap.

Open your eyes

You have the world,

Don’t think thrice

It’s just a stupid word.

Believe in it, take a leap,

There is no need to weep,

There will be cushions on the wall,

Just hold the breath and fall!

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