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Collected prose and poetry of Alexandria Grimmie. This collection of prose and poetry is based on the situation that the author was facing. The Little Book served as her therapy and reflection on the elements of her life so there's not pretentions nor filters were needed to write this book, just pure emotions and contemplations. Some of the works might be too cheesy as those were written during the times of heightened feelings, and some of the works might be too depressing as those were written during the times of need. But bear with her as she will not stop from expressing herself through written words. Thank you very much for reading and liking this collection, Alexandria hopes that you leave a review or feedback if you want to comment on something or even a collaboration.

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Alexandria Grimmie
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Molding Legacy


(March 19, 2016)

I hold the clay in my hand

Look at it with nothing in my head

Image of him, I suddenly remember

Start to mold nothing to forever

Roughly soft, caress with water

Every inch of him, pieces of perfection clusters

Roll it to circles or tap it like a wall

To this masterpiece, I am enthralled

Under the sun, it stands strong

Touching it, feeling where I belong

From cloud soft to stone hard

My legacy will stand life long, on guard.

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