Poetic Paradise

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A paradise full of poems that my hands have scratched out of my brain Hey guys I am just a 15 year old girl who loves to write! This is my first book and i will edit the best I can but I do not expect you to understand these because even I cant understand my mind sometimes but thanks so much for reading it means a lot! please don't say you can do better than me because this is my first time ever writing something for public eyes and i am still learning thanks!

Poetry / Drama
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I savor little moments..

like the feeling of smooth pages in my hand as I am captivated in poetry,the green sea of trees in my view as I feel the car moving underneath me,the angelic sound of my favorite artist pouring out of my speaker,that sudden spark of happiness that hits me as a treasured memory passes through my mind,that comfortable silence when no words need to be exchanged you're simply soaking up each others company,enjoying each other.

I believe life is poetry,everything is screaming to be written about.

I could write about the moon that isn't appreciated as much as the sun but stills shines beautifully for us every night,I could write about the green lumps we call mountains that demand our attention by blocking everything else out of view,the rain that tries so hard to embrace us as we block it out,the kingdom of clouds in the sky that just want to be loved but usually get shamed when they cover the wonderful sun,the stories that are written in every footpath as thousands of footsteps continue to write on it everyday.

Poetry is beauty,and there is beauty in everything

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