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Everything but love pt 1

Its funny how an object can have such control over you,one small object can have such significance ;so much power,so much how its not even an object anymore it's a living breathing memory that hits you with a flashback every time you see it.So powerful you just want to destroy and it all its memories.

I think the sad part is remembering gives you some sort of sick comfort,remembering the times you both spent together,the laughs,the happiness...and there it follows..the pain,every time you look at the damn photo of you two together,happy,in love.The pain isn't easy to handle,even though this pain is familiar,I let myself get hurt again.The sad part is that he was using me.In a way I guess we were both using each other,only I was using him for happiness and he was using me for pleasure.

Sometimes I wonder if i was in love with you,I was certainty attached but I don't even feel as though I capable of giving my love out,for I have no love left.

So I just wait...wait for you to jump out of the picture and greet me with a loving embrace....Wait for you to apologize for doing me wrong and say you miss me..But that never happens.Maybe you've moved on in the short period of time we haven't exchanged words,I guess maybe I should move on too.

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