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Everything but love pt4

It's not fair,life isn't fair;it sucks truly.I understand why people do drugs,why they drink away their feelings,because if I was promised happiness for as little as 2 hours,an escape from reality,i'd take it in an instant,anything to kill my bitter emotions. Unfortunately i'm forced to deal with them.What I do not understand is sometimes I feel as though I am the only one targeted by the fucked up side of love.I have been hurt countless of times over that it is becoming a feeling that my body is starting to deeply recognize.

Its not fair! Why does he get to be happy? Why am I suffering and not him? I give out all my love and never get anything in return.This pain that its stabbing at my heart is not fair at all! But night after night I am forced into feeling the tragic and bitter emotions of loving someone that does not love me back.I am drowning in a puddle full of pain and the only person that has the strength to pull me out is you!....But you don't and my heart is constantly demanding your attention! And when my head hurts I know that the smallest part of my brain is trying to grip on to the fact that you don't care! You're gone and you're not coming back anytime soon!

So why do I still let that control me?

Why do your actions affect me everyday?..

.... Am I not capable of having the same affect over you?

How come one person can be completely powerful with out even knowing it? With out even realizing that they are pushing all the buttons to your emotions with their empty words and drowning every single inch of hope and happiness out of you till there is nothing left with bare hands controlled by their empty promises.

And that is everything but love...This is heartbreak

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