We Have A Wonderful Home

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What must we do to keep our "home" "wonderful?"

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Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

I cannot resist.

Everything entices me.

It all excites me.

There’s a shining light.

Everything all looks so good.

I can’t look away from it.

It just pleases me,

The great Caribbean Sea.

I love the islands.

In actual fact,

We have a wonderful home.

It is fantastic.

Duties for your job,

They look like they cause distress.

They appear painful.

Yet it continues.

There is never any doubt.

It impresses me.

Unexpected things,

This big globe is full of them.

It’s for everyone.

Men, women, and kids,

They travel on Planet Earth,

And are family.

It is meaningful,

And it will come in handy.

Make some big choices.

Make sure they’re correct,

And they agree with the facts.

You must have courage.

Problems are so strange.

They need determination,

And we must try hard.

We live in this place,

And we must do everything,

No other people.

We are peace-loving,

And will always stay pleasant.

We are all friendly.

Let us find a way.

We will do the hardest things,

And will spend our time.

We’re Service People,

And are all in an army,

And we have to fight.

We must try so hard.

Other people might stop us.

Things stand in the way.

Things are so trying,

They can make you so angry.

You lose your patience.

Times are so stressful.

Things can exhaust you.

You don’t want to do a thing,

Just to rest your eyes.

All the pain you feel.

It appears to look hopeless.

Yet you can agree.

Good things can happen.

We can make our dreams come true.

We have potential.

Let us turn our eyes.

Turn in a new direction.

Turn to new people.

We’re common people.

Many of us share of something,

More than anyone.

We’re on a voyage,

From one place to the other.

Please know how we feel.

We need your support,

And we want you to succeed.

We all do our parts.

Make things easier,

And the future will be bright.

Make an effort, too.

Please try being brave.

Remember to stay calm, too,

Even when it’s rough.

Be dedicated,

And stay focused on your goals.

It is surprising.

It’s not what you own,

And it’s not what you have,

You just have to grin.

Listen carefully.

Please give us your attention,

And hear what we say.

Be considerate.

Think before you speak your mind.

Listen to our side.

Make room in your heart.

Please become an open door.

Love diversity.

This group of people,

We can move on the water,

And see Planet Earth.

We are now aware.

Everyone can now agree.

In actual fact,

We are very wonderful.

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