A Wind in the Door

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A mischievous wind takes you on an adventure.

Poetry / Adventure
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A Wind in the Door

A wind in the door,

It ruffles my hair.

The welcome breeze,

Blowing here and there.

As I wish for the moment,

Always to last,

The wind in the door moves on

To the window of glass.

I try and chase it.

For memories it brings,

Back unto me

I think of

My sister, my brothers,

My mother, my father,

And then of no others.

I've caught you I say.

But the wind in the door,

It just snickers,

And moves on all the more.

I chase it 'round the cherry tree,

As I plop a cherry into my mouth

The sweet, red, ripe, and plump taste

Enters my cave of a mouth.

Snowy, my dog, giggled and

Jumping 'round the bend,

Joined our glorious fun.

We raced after the wind.

We ran day after night.

Then it stopped.

I was bewildered, why had it done so?

The reason eluded me.

The wind in the door

Shifted direction, then

Carried us home

As strong as ten thousand men.

You are not to know my every move,

It says, but to let it be a surprise.

As it softly whispered the words,

I closed my eyes.

Glad to be home,

Yet sad for it to go,

Snowy whimpered at my feet,

And I said, I know

The wind in the door promised to be back

Not in an hour, not in a year,

But it would be back,

So long as I was here.

So I wait for a wind in the door,

To ruffle my hair.

It would always be welcome,

A breeze blowing here and there.

And as I will wish for the moment

Always to last,

The wind in the door will move on

To the window of glass.

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