The Leaves Of Autumn

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What is great about "the leaves of autumn," and, what are they like, and what do they do, and what color are they, and what is "just so magical" about them, and who "has painted them so bright?"

Poetry / Children
Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

The Leaves of Autumn,

They are so red and so bright.

The are just so rich.

The Leaves of Autumn,

They are just like Christmas lights.

They brighten gray skies.

The Leaves of Autumn,

They are just so magical.

They glow in the dark.

The Leaves of Autumn;

God has painted them so bright.

He is an artist.

Some trees with red leaves,

The look like spaghetti sauce.

They glow in the sun.

The Leaves of Autumn,

These red leaves have shapes like stars.

God has shaped these leaves.

The Leaves of Autumn,

I find them in the mountains.

They shine in the sun.

The leaves of Autumn,

I love the rainbow they make;

Orange, red, yellow.

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