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What is ballet like, and what does it involve, and what are dancers like, and how will they be, and what will they be able to do, and what does the ballet teacher do, and what is the ballet teacher going to do, and what if "others visit," and what if they "want to spend time," and how will she be toward them, and does she treasure her work, and is it important to her, and does she value her work, and is her work significant to her, and is her work extraordinary to her, and does she think her work is interesting and not like other work, and where does she feel both delight and joy, and is she enthusiastic about it, and does she find enjoyment in ballet, and does it make her so happy that she cannot keep herself still, and does she love dresses?

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Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

In reality,

Ballet does involve understanding.

It involves intelligence.

Dancers are clever.

They will be understanding.

They are able to dance perfectly.

The ballet teacher,

She tells the dancers to move their feet and their bodies in time to the music.

This ballet teacher is going to instruct the dancers who come after her.

If others visit,

And want to spend time,

She will be friendly.

She treasures her work.

It is important to her.

She values her work.

It is significant to her.

It is extraordinary to her.

It is interesting to her,

And not like other work.

This is where she feels both delight and joy.

She is enthusiastic about it.

She finds enjoyment in ballet.

It makes her so happy that she cannot keep herself still,

And she loves dresses.

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