I Mourn

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Why do "I mourn," and what is my reaction like, and what is in my eyes, and can I "stop them?" Why am I "shaking?" Will I sleep? What is this lullaby like? What is my question, and what do I have? Why am I "slightly in tears," and why do "I mourn," and what comes "from my eyes," and will I be able to "stop them," and why am I "shaking," and is it hard for me to breathe, and do I have "to go to bed alone," and does my body have any strength, and will I be able to "rest my eyes, and what is this lullaby that I hear like, and what is the question on my mind, and what do I have to accept, and what has my love taken away from me, and will I be able to get up out of a bed when the sun rises, and will I be able to stop thinking about the past, and what do I do at night, and what did I used to do with my former love in "the moonlight," and what do "I have to face" now that the girl that I adored is no longer in my life? This is about a general reaction to a loss.

Poetry / Drama
Laraine Smith
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Slightly in tears,

I mourn.

Tears stream from my eyes.

I cannot stop them.

I am shaking.

I have to catch my breath.

I have to go to bed alone.

My body is weak,

But I cannot rest my eyes.

There is a lonely lullaby.

Was there any hope for the two of us?

Do I have to accept that you have flown away?

Why did you have to take away this songbird’s melody?

I have to catch my breath,

And I cannot control my tears.

I have to face a future without the girl I hoped to marry,

And I can’t help but look back to the past,

And I lay awake at night in tears,

With the moonlight on my face,

The moonlight that our lips once touched in.

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