The Stacks of Girl and The Poetry

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Just a collection of my poems. All my poems in one place. Some long, some short. Some rhyme and some do not.

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3am Regrets

It’s 3am and I’m still awake

I wish I had known what was at stake

But I guess it’s what I deserved

Revenge is best cold-served

When you took your last breath

Did you think about when we met?

Because, they’ll check your wrists, they’ll check you thighs

But they’ll never find where the true pain lies

Broken angels will fly again

Maybe I’ll get to see you then

Did you think about me as you hit the ground?

Did you shed a tear? Did you make a sound?

The edge is too close for comfort

And suddenly I know the pain you suffered

Because, they’ll check your wrist, they better check it twice

And now I notice, there was pain in your eyes…

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