A Generous Plant And A Fall In The Big Apple

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Can we make musical sounds with our voices, and can we sing songs that people sing during the 31st night of October for a generous plant, and are we looking forward to becoming aware of him, and in the Big Apple, should we come to Central Park, and are leaves like cherries, and there are light shades of orange, and are they shades I remember, and are they magical, and in the Big Apple, are there lakes that ducks sail in, and are shades Christmas lights, and scarecrow families, are they so adorable, and do they brighten the stores, and maple leaves of red, do they have shades of pasta sauce, and is God an artist, and why should we come to New York State, and are the bridges romantic, do the orange leaves glow, and during October, do generous plants give apples, and are they Christmas shades?

Poetry / Children
Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

We can make musical sounds with our voices.

We can sing songs that people sing during the 31st night of October for a plant.

We are looking forward to becoming aware of him.

In the Big Apple,

We should come to Central Park.

The leaves are like cherries.

There are light shades of orange.

They are shades I will remember.

They are magical.

In the Big Apple,

There are lakes that ducks sail in.

Shades are Christmas lights.

Scarecrow families,

They are so adorable.

They brighten the stores.

Maple leaves of red,

They have shades of pasta sauce.

God is an artist.

Come to New York State.

The bridges are romantic.

The orange leaves glow.

During October,

Generous plants give good apples.

They have Christmas shades.

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