Why Should We Spend Christmas In The Big Apple?

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Why should we come down to Wall Street, and are there glowing blue points of light on Christmas trees, and why should we come to Central Park, and what can we do when the sun has gone down, and what sight surrounds us, and at Central Park, are there points of light on trees, and are these points of light golden, and at Rockefeller, can we find Heaven's Helper's, and do they play trumpets, and why should we go to Brooklyn, and will the Christmas lights glitter, and will our faces shine, and why should we look at the branches, and do they look like they have many stars, and is this a miracle, and why should we come to Bryant Park, do Christmas trees have purple shades, and do these trees light the dark, and do we see Christmas trees, and do they glitter in the night, and are they miracles?

Poetry / Children
Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

Come down to Wall Street.

There are glowing blue points of light on Christmas trees.

We should come to Central Park.

We can go skating when the sun has gone down.

Buildings with stars in the windows surround us.

At Central Park,

There are golden points of light on trees.

At Rockefeller,

We can find Heaven’s Helpers.

They play their trumpets.

We should go to Brooklyn.

Christmas lights will glitter.

Our faces will shine.

Look at the branches.

They look like they have many stars.

This is a miracle.

Come to Bryant Park.

Christmas trees have purple shades.

They glitter in the night.

They are miracles.

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