The Bloom of a Rose, A Mother's Love, The Folly of Mankind...

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A powerful thing is love,

Love personified by little darling cupid

brandishing his bow

But they forget the truth,

They forget of his birth,

For Eros was born to the sea’s creation,

Sired by the moon himself,

The beautiful goddess gave us her son

to be a custodian of this world’s love,

And in doing so

she trusted young Eros

with half of her domain

The grandson of Uranus,

Able to cripple civilisations

with a pluck of his bow,

His arrows flying through history

changing the minds of men

But she trusts her son.

Through Medea,

Through Medusa,

Through Helen,




Through all of Troy

She loves him.

His mother was born of betrayal,

And he vows not to do to her,

What the Scythe-bearer did to the sky

So at the end of a day

wrought with peril and terror,

He’ll return to that hill

as he always will,

And Aphrodite will hold her son

as she always will

For even the belittled goddess

of all beauty and love,

Knows there is no power greater,

Than the love of a mother

and her little one

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