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blood red

I see you in the shadows hidden almost out of sight,

As my dark form approaches your eyes fill with fright,

As my eyes meet yours my body settles as calm as the sea,

With practiced ease I take you in my arms and hide you from the night.

Your heart beats faster and your brow glistens with sweat,

Your eyes peer at the deep abyss of my own and I lean in close,

This moment is what I cherish each night,

This intimate time two bodies become one,

If one were to pass by whose hearing is acute they would hear two hearts slowly fade to one.

This moment of bliss does not last long,

For soon your small frame falls limp,

As you surrender to my touch,

You slip from my grasp and collapse on the floor,

A soft thud resounds of the alley walls,

A crimson red pool soaks your breast,

The cool steal of a blade drips blood from my hand.

Your life like a flame snuffed out;

And I know now that no love shall be found tonight

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