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If you ever meet me,.

If you ever meet me,.tell me everything ... How is the morning on that side of darkness? How is the relation on that side of the seven rounds ?

Because when I did go with you , neither forward I , nor backward you. We were confused together in every tangle.

I remember you for so many years. But when it seems that you will be happy, then everything goes ... But I wanted to ask something for a long time. After all, you have left everything on your wish. And you will answer this hope is a little bit .... Does he also see you, sometimes hiding ? Does the hair over your cheek raise him at nights. Are you very sensitive to it? What was the problem throughout the day, did you tell everything to him. Or even talking about leaving a deep breath and does he understand the incomplete thing that goes in your heart. Does he tell you what he think about you ?Does your little finger hang out with his little finger. Yes Yes, I remember you hide everything and just deal with the relationship.

He knows how many saris you have, and what color is there. How many times you had taken a test, on the color of your suits. Do you need to have a mirror now, or even you look in his eyes like “how are you looking at me”, have you ever responded? Do you now stop your tears, "do not give me this attitude" , by saying that you had soaked me last time.

Never said that when you are in open hair, it is difficult to remove eyesight. When you are down with a beating, and he come closer and closer, “Is not get you angry?” I do not know how many things you have been through. I would like to meet in the same way as before. Confuse me again for a little while. Again, if you ever meet me, tell me everything ..

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