Warfare of the Brain

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So close yet so far away.
So near yet so distant.
Like the stars, moon, and sun.
Like the iridescent, ever-changing sky.
Like the vast, open-ended sea.
How did we get to where we are today?
What had we gone through to get to where we are standing?
Why is the future so spread out before us?
I remember everything.
I think about it all.
It seems like a dream, and, in fact, I'm still dreaming.
The journey with you has only been a short time,
But it felt like forever.
There are still so many things I want
To share with you,
To experience with you,
To see with you,
To tell you.
Sometimes I wished I had been there
With you when you first began:
In humble beginnings,
In hard-wrought times,
In joyful achievements,
Those days when your dream had started to weave together,
Crafted through blood, sweat, and tears,
Polished to perfection.
And today, that dream has become a reality,
A masterpiece that is not yet finished,
Where new threads and pieces are still being added
To make it more beautiful.
I may not have seen how it started
Or how it began to form into this structure,
But I will definitely see it become better,
I will definitely see the finished artwork at the very end
Because I will make sure that I-
No, we- will stay together until the very end.
Don't worry,
I will embark on this path together with you.
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