Warfare of the Brain

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Confess Truly

Five years of hard work.

Of short nights
That consist of 2 hours of sleep,
Of vocal and rap practices
That goes as late as 4 am,
Of intense and difficult choreo
That seemed impossible to master,
Of long days
That hit songs have to be written,
Of frustration
That the words can’t come out
Like they should,
Like they are supposed to.

Five years was almost the breaking point.

The human mind can only take so much.
The amount of success gained
Was something that was never seen coming,
Was something that was never expected,
Was something that couldn’t be handled.
Could we continue?
Must we continue?
Should we continue?
Can we continue?
The whirlwind of thoughts encircled our minds,
And we faced the dilemma
That determined our future.


Five years of love and support.

There weren’t many there for us in the beginning.
Some came, some left, some stayed.
Who are we to think like this?
Who are we to not take them into consideration?
Who are we to suddenly trample on their hope?
More came throughout the years,
But most importantly, they stayed:
Because they believed in us,
Because they hoped for us,
Because they supported us,
Because they loved us.

They have given us everything.
We don’t deserve them.”


We believe in you
Because you gave us hope.
We hope for you
Because you gave us support.
We support you
Because you gave us love.
We love you
Because you gave us something to believe in.

Every person’s story is different,
But they all have something in common:
You gave us life,
You taught us to not give up,
You taught us to stay strong,
You taught us to keep going.
We didn’t follow you just for your looks,
We didn’t follow you just for your music,
We followed you as a person
We followed you for who you are.
You have no idea how much you mean to us.
You have no idea how much we love you.”

“We will stay with you,
For seven more years.
Each year is a representation
Of thanks from each member.
We want to make new dreams
And achieve them.
We want to make new songs
And take pride in them.
We want to make you happy
And find happiness in it.”

“We are happy already.
Just promise that you won’t leave us
Until the day that you have to go.
Until that day,
Just stay with us and love us.”

Music makes one.
We will always be together.
We will always love each other.
We are young forever.
We are one.

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