Warfare of the Brain

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“equal parts wistful and weary, and the theme of loneliness is constant throughout”
“...reflects on the pain of existence and solace found in moonlight.”
“The growing sensibility of an individual named ------- is clearly visible, making it a brilliant coming of age playlist of our time.”
“...opens with a feeling of weariness and loneliness, with conscientious lyrics...”

You know exactly how to ease my heart, my thoughts, my weary soul.
But no matter how much I want to, I cannot ease yours.

I believe that a person that has been broken before has the ability to produce the most beautiful pieces of art.
What caused you to break so deeply, I wonder, that allowed you to make this flawless masterpiece?

The melodies match my innermost thoughts.
The lyrics convey my innermost feelings.

You make me feel that we feel the same way.
Maybe not exactly, but at least similar.

But at the back of my mind, you unsettled something when you gave me this beauty.
Buried in a million words, you disturbed a sleeping pondering.

And sometimes, in the dark recesses of the night, I can’t help but wonder.
What goes on in that colorful, monochrome mind of yours?

I’d give anything to see the real you one day.
Not physically, but, rather: your personality, your soul, your heart.

Even if I can’t comfort you.
Just tell me that you aren’t ok.

Let me see the real you
So I know that what you feel is like me: true.

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