Warfare of the Brain

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The Burning, Internal Fire

Anger: a negative emotion.
Also known as wrath or frustration,
Depending on which form it takes.
There is no need for a definition;
Looking at the word itself,
You can feel the pain, the hurt, and most of all:
The burning internal fire.

Look around you.
Everything seems normal.
Now step into the shoes of the angered.
The world becomes a hated place,
Invisibly painted with the flames of annoyance
Layer by layer.

Overcome like a wave,
A bonfire of grudge rests in the red, beating pump
Engorged with blood.
The smoke, heavy with dislike,
Wafts through the veins and arteries.
The skin heats and burns to the touch,
Threatening to burst,
To combust all of the rage that has been buried.

However it doesn’t.

Look around you once more.
Has anything happened?

Take a closer look.
The mirror reflecting reality begins to crack once more.
Previous shards that have fallen
Are the only things that can be seen.

But it is not the world nor reality that has been shattered.
No, both of us are wrong.
It was only the soul,
Now further broken into smaller pieces.

This is not the first time and it will never be the last.
But that’s okay.
Eventually, the shards come back
And heal into the missing places.

What is broken can be repaired.
What is destroyed can be reborn.
What is lost can be found.

Look around for the last time.
The fire begins to diminish.
Slowly, it is quenched by a special liquid.
This liquid heals, repairs, and gives birth
To a new understanding.
It reopens the eyes, awakens the heart,
And strengthens the soul.

Look into the mirror.

What is hurt can be comforted.
What is the past can be the future.
What is unrelenting can be forgiveness.

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