Warfare of the Brain

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(Inspired by BTS’s Sea)

Floating in the sea.
That’s all I have known.

Floating in the sea
Of my mother’s womb
Before birth.

Floating in the sea
Of chlorinated pool water
As a kid.

Floating in the sea
Of the desert of life
As a teen.

I am still floating in the sea.

When I am able to gain strength
And walk on water,
The sea becomes a desert.
And so I walk endlessly
Amidst this deep blue desert
To my purpose.


“What is my purpose?”


Now I’m drowning in the sea.
Gulping in salt water
That burns my lungs.
Breathing in sand from the wind
That makes me cough.
I cough out my strength.
I cough out my thoughts.
I cough out my hope.
Just so I can float on the sea again.

This world makes me keep floating.
Its cruelness makes me keep floating.
Life’s unfairness makes me keep floating.
My own fears make me keep floating.

I don’t want to float forever.
I can’t float forever.
I need to swim somewhere.

But where?

Even though I don’t know
I start to swim.
“As long as I get somewhere”
I think.

I swim and swim and swim.
I keep on swimming endlessly.
And come across a bottle
With a message.

“Where there is hope, there is always despair.
Where there is hope, there is always hardship.
We need to be in despair for all our hardships.
We need to endure this to have hope.”

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