Warfare of the Brain

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Please... Let Me Be Free... Pt. 1

I want to be free.

Free of the chain
That chokes my neck.
Free of the cuffs
That bind my wrists.
Free of the nails
That pierce my feet.

I want to be free.

Free to prove that
I am not helpless
Like you think I am.
Free to show that
I am not useless
Like you believe.
Free to break that
Stigma that you hold
That prevents me
From escaping
The rope you tied around me.

I want to be free.

Free from the shit
That you give me
‘For my sake’.
Free from the fights
That you wage
Against me.
Free from the sadness
That breaks my soul
Again and again.

I want to be free.

Free to travel to
The places I want.
Free to learn and do
The things I want.
Free to work for money
The way I want.
Free to love the person
That I want.

When will you let me go?
When will you release these bonds?
When will you stop ‘caring’ about me?
When will you live your own life in peace
So I can live mine?

Will you still be like this
Even when I am grown?
Do I have to continue pressing
To learn to be an adult?
Am I still going to have
Choices made for me?

I want to be free.
I’m not asking.
I must be free.
Or you will worry
About me
The rest of your life.

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