Warfare of the Brain

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The Determined, Rare Oddball

A business-oriented society.
Money-making people.
Phones on low storage
Filled with selfies, hashtags, and false beauty.
The only things that society relies on are
Business, money, and looking cool or pretty.

What about the other things:
The little, meaningful things?
What about the things that are rare,
That can barely be obtained in life?

Those are the things that I love,
But this society tells me to study and work for money,
Not for dreams.

Money is needed for many things,
But it doesn’t buy the most important things in life.
So I am judged for what I wanted to do.

They question why I wanted something else;
I know they won’t understand.
They jeer at me for the choices I make;
They laugh at me for the person I want to be and to become.

I know that this is the right path.
I know that this is the path that I want to walk down.
And so I cast my lonely self into the sea,
In isolation, searching for the thing I want most.

I consider myself a rare world oddity whose planes of thought have escalated,
Or perhaps descended, to a different level.
And so, on my own, in this little world
I have created to pursue my dream,
I will definitely make sure that I’ll be able to reach it.

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