Warfare of the Brain

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Behind the Scenes

All of this is not a coincidence.
We were born into this generation together.
It must have been fate when I first met you on that day,
And it must have been fate that brought us together again the following year.
We were meant to cross paths in this serendipity.

The world that I live in has changed;
It was not the same as it was before.
When I was little,
The color of the sea was still aquamarine;
The soft pitter-patter of the rain lulled me to sleep;
The snow still fell crisp, white, and bountiful;
The sun gently warmed my skin;
The white moon was huge in the sky;
And there were thousands of twinkling stars
That greeted me when I came out to play at night.
Those were the days when I lived carefreely;
When I had no worries;
When all I felt was bliss, happiness, and euphoria.

But when I grew older,
I got lost so that I couldn't see them anymore.
The sea is now murky and brown;
The rain poured onto the ground loudly in the midst of the storms,
Disrupting the peace;
There is no longer any snow that falls for me to play in;
The sun now burns my skin
And I seek the shade to hide from it;
The moon's brightness has dimmed because it has gotten smaller and farther away;
And the stars have almost all burnt up,
Now I can't tell the difference between a star and a satellite.
The hand of death, sadness, and anger constantly loomed over me;
Choking me in its tight grasp;
And the only thing I could feel then
Was the singularity of my being.

As I write this, I have come across an epiphany
That you yourself showed me.
You helped me to see be able to see them again.
You answered the questions that haunted my mind.
You showed a path for me to escape.
Because of your influence,
That hand has loosened its hold on me
And while it still follows me,
I can at least look ahead to chase the butterfly now.

All of this trivia may seem worthless to some,
But to others, it is the most priceless thing in this world.
This butterfly that you gave the world gives it hope and love
And although the seesaw of life prevents us from moving forward,
We chase the butterfly with all our hearts,
Even if we can only make small steps.
We are each other's idol, guiding the way to happiness.
So, thank you for this opportunity to meet in this life.
Because you are our hope, our star;
And because of each other, we can finally learn how to love again.

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