Starry Eyes of Betrayal

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Ever felt betrayed? By the one you call or called Lover? well this poem is definitely for you!

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Starry Eyes of Betrayal

You were a Star
That look in your eyes
But you broke my heart
and that's when our love died

That day you said
"You will be ruled"
Will it ever end?
I am such a fool

You told me I was your world
I was on your side
You said I was your girl
But I guess you lied

All the things I said were true
You were my everything
But that didn't matter to you
So what did you gain?

But I stayed
Hoping you'd realize
The need to change your ways
And to stop trying to tantalize

I want you to know
I'm still in love
Even though, your cruel
and your "Love" is lamented

Yes, you're demented
And your demeanor is disdainful
But I still love you
and your Starry Eyes of Betrayal...

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