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Just a little collection of poems I like to write about life and stuff. they can range from cute and light to dark and heavy, so be warned that they wont all be puff pieces. Poetry is a whole loads of fun -Poem #2 was supposed to be a diamante (diamond poem), but the format of inkitt wont let me, just pretend its all center spaced.

Poetry / Romance
Fang Stardusk
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Roses in bloom

Roses in bloom in the middle of winter

Tend to them through ice and snow

Hold the water in shaky hands

And refuse to let go

Roses in bloom in the spring sweet air

And everything is new

Your petals soft as the pillow I hold

To help me sleep sound, holding memories of you

Happy times I discover like newly budded plants

Nurture them to keep me from losing my roses

Maybe my attempts to hold are fleeting

But while i’m in right mind, while my heart keeps beating

I’ll keep you in thoughts my rose..

In hope someday, you’ll grow big and healthy

And give me something to do when this life gets heavy

Oh rosebush in bloom in the heart of summer

I’ll bring you cool water, i won’t let you die

And I’ll sit and wonder sometimes why I bother

But I’ll never stop trying for you and I

So roses in this garden, in the back of my head

Your beauty running around my brain

Let your spirit keep me on the path of sunshine

And i’ll promise you the same

Roses in bloom, around red falling leaves

Though I lay back to cry and grieve

It won’t be long now, until you can be mine

So keep fighting and so will I

Because love budded like a rose

And when it bloomed

I found that beside me, you cared for it to

So i’ll let you in the garden, when the storm passes

And sunny days forever more

Hold me steady in these cool green grasses

My lovely red rose

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