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Confessions of a Melancholic Dreamer

By Greta Gree All Rights Reserved ©



Once asked, you responded 

All the if's and but's didn't matter 

Afraid of your own shadow 

You gave in 

To my state of confusion 

Like a bird in a cage 

Squeezing your head through the metal bars 

In illusion 



No, there's no three,

You say

I stare at you

You close your eyes

But I can still see your hands shaking 

I made you 

Made your perfectly shaped face 

And eyes of sky blue colour

I created you like a masterpiece

From my delusion 

Upon illusion you'd ask me

If you're real

I'd say you're not 

You're my dreamy distraction 

Perfect attraction

And I'm riding you like a wild beast rides its sanity 

Gone in a cloud of judgement 

Hovering above my fragility 

And stability of mind

Like a mad scientist I laugh 


And vaguely push you back where you belong 

In a cage with metal bars 

You call it mind control 

I call it insanity 

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1. Caged
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