Not Alone

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A Poem for the Troops. Originally written March 20, 2010, I had composed this piece back when my younger brother went into Basic for the US Army. Since then, it has become my personal tradition to share it every Veterans Day. Enjoy, and thank you to those who served.

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Loki B. Mohammad
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Not Alone

Hold your head high when you start to feel down
Know you’re not alone even when no one’s around

You’re in someone’s prayers each night before they sleep
Trusting you to God Almighty, holding you in His keep

There’s somebody waiting for you when you get home
When loneliness starts creeping in, remember that you’re not alone

So stand tall, walk proud, hold your head up
You are missed, you are loved, but it’s you we’re proud of

Don’t bend, don’t break, do not back down
Be you, be strong, the rest will come around

Tears will come, let them flow, these feelings you must own
Soldier just remember that you are not alone

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