Mother Nature's Cry

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Chapter 1

The world cries out during the night,

It cannot bear the torment occurring during the fight

Between nature and Man,

It needs a battle plan.

Man progresses,

And Nature confesses;

She is losing this battle,

For Man treats other creatures like cattle.

She pains as she watches,

Seeing seasoned notches,

Carved into the landscape,

As creatures are forced to escape.

Business thrives,

And Nature dies.

Structures rise up,

Resources collected like water in a cup.

The air begins to cloud,

As Man creates a crowd.

Machines become commonplace,

And soon begins an arms race.

To see who shall first develop,

To protect theirs which is most precious.Man whom treasures their money,And Nature whom treasures her country. The sky becomes dull,As it watches the cull,Of its land and its creatures.

Man acts like Earth’s keeper,When really they are its Grim Reaper.

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