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Kindness Is A Treasure

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Kindness is a treasure of the heart. Kindness is the light, Kindness can cure many things, especially every plight. How can this be accomplished? How can it be shared? Read my story to find the answer, and I will show you how you can care.

Poetry / Other
Megan Cutter
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Kindness can be truthful, kindness can bring forth love, how can you make it happen, for it to flourish like a dove.

Gentleness is the key, this is what we need. We must embrace this precious moment, for it become free.

Love must be cherished, for kindness to be revealed, love will unlock the world to happiness and begin the process to heal.

Joy is a treasure, a golden crown of peace, we must obtain this object so that we can find a release.

Peace is what we strive for when we’re down on our luck of love, when we are seeking for the treatment of Gentleness, we need this idea to flourish from above.

Where can this treasure be buried, where on earth can it be? We must dig it up to find it, so that we can see the key.

When you open up the treasure box, and see what’s going on inside, the shiney things inside will glimmer and you’ll be filled up with a form of happiness and pride.

But be careful when you share it, for greed can take it away. It will be hidden from your sight again, and will disappear for a year and a day.

Within this precious treasure trove is something we must protect, its an feeling that must be cherished and never be neglected.

For inside this golden item, is a notion that must be. It’s the ending to a fairy tale, an emotion that we should see.

It’s the product of compassion, it’s the end result of love, it’s the joy we feel inside ourselves, when we seek the one above.

The for the one above is perfect, his thoughts are pure and just, when developing this form of kindness, his words should be a must.

For only when we do this, his kindness will reveal the perfect path to happiness and kindness will be real.

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