The Epic Tales of a Flying Poet

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Noelle: Wow I'm entranced cant wait for more

Heather Jacobs: I really enjoyed this story and it is refreshing to have a story with a religious component where the woman isn't an innocent doll with few real opinions of her own. My biggest criticism is that it didn't continue- I really want to see how they navigate the rest of their lives in such a harsh world!

igafatima1010fy: Lex is an imbecile aswear down

heidibarr46: Great book, Avery and lily are a very good family to be honest. Avery's nice and strong and lily is just a little sidekick. It's my new favourite book on this app I love it so much

igafatima1010fy: I love Devin he's so patient with her.

Yhutch67: The story although enjoyable and straight to the point. It seemed to lack specific details leaving confusion as to whose thoughts were being expressed.It seemed to lack the foreplay of their budding romance and the buildup of their feelings and emotions for each other.Almost as if there was a rus...

Wendy Drew: I like the whole book so far. It's very enjoyable!Thank you for writing it.

abiodunc28: Waoh, this book is very interesting and amazing. I love all the characters in this book. I am so happy for the happy ending. Also, I want to recommend this book to every body here. Please, if you come across this book, make sure you read it. To the writer, I want to say well done to you. I love y...

nikikmorris: So far it’s been a pretty good story.

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cmearini: Nice story i loved it

christine: Wonderful story

Reuben : The plot is really good. Loved the chemistry between the two. Needs a bit of proof reading, but otherwise, it's one hell of a book and am glad I read it

jsparrer: Very good.⚓♥️☠️

kayshab2005: Really enjoyed it

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