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a series of poems reflecting on the various meanings of the word youth

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Youth is dumb

Youth is reckless

Youth is wrong

It’s not a matter of opinion

But a matter of dominion

Every fold in a face

Is wisdom that cannot be erased

So to those smooth-skinned children

We say listen

Listen to the racists

Listen to the haters

Listen to the dictators



Every time your mouth widens

Reel it in like the tide

And keep those gates from flooding

And keep it all in stride

No one cares

What youth has to say

Because youth doesn’t know

The price its words have to pay

Did youth ever ask

Why the wise man

Is always an old man

And not a young man

Did youth look at the news

And see the trouble it causes

How its reckless actions lead to piles

And piles and piles of rubble

Did youth look

At the rates of mortality and rape

Grandpa’s not the one raiding the streets

Looking for victims to turn into cheats

Youth thinks it knows

Better than the true and tried

Youth takes tradition

And turns to abolition

Youth should be locked up

In a cage with no key

Maybe then youth will learn

To shut its mouth and think of something other than “me”

Youth deserves to be beat

Into a being of submission

Maybe then youth will understand

The consequences of opposition

Youth should not get to make decisions

It lacks the right amount of precision

No one should listen to youth

In fact only an idiot would

Youth is dumb

Youth is reckless

Youth is young.

Youth is wrong.

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