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Sister says

Go make your bed

’Fore mother’s face

Turns truly red

Sister says

go do your chores

And please stop dressing

like those whores

Sister looks

and twists her face

Sister says

You have bad taste

Sister doesn’t

have a clue

What Sister’s words

can do to you

Sister likes

to go on walks

But she doesn’t

let you talk

Sister smiles

when she sees mother

But she barks

When she sees daughter

Sister thinks

She owns the world

And doesn’t care

For others’ words

Sister lets

You braid her hair

Sister yells

Do it with care

Sister never

Says I love you

Sister doesn’t

Even trust you

Sister wishes

She could escape

Sister’s heart

is filled with hate

Sister leaves

And sister goes

Will she come back

No one knows

Sister’s gone

You’re all alone

You look down

Let out a moan

Sister left

Her in your care

You’re Sister now

It’s just not fair

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